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1.What styles of music do you have and play? As a mobile DJ catering for all types of events I play sets of many many styles of music. From the latest Charts, Dance and R&B for 18th Birhday's, Indie / Rock for the more guitar based fans, Motown / Soul and then back through all the era's from the 50's to today. The choice is yours!

2. Will you take requests on the night? Yes.... I can take requests on the night if you wish, I always try to fit music requests within the flow of the evening and use it as an aid to keep the dancefloor busy.

3.Can I choose tracks and music styles for my event? Yes... this is very much encouraged by me. A great way forward is for you to select any tracks and styles of music that you would like me to play and any tracks and styles of music that you would not want me to play. This gives me a great foundation to build the atmosphere. Reacting to the dancefloor whilst keeping within your music tastes.

4. We have a range of ages at our event do you have  music for all ? Yes... I have a fantastic collection of music through the eras and played at the right time this can give any dancefloor a great turn around of all generations attending.

5. Will you talk over all the tracks played?
No... I let the music do the talking. Although I have no problem introducing specific tracks and announcing anything that  guest particulaly need to know. And maybe the odd call to the dancefloor if the ocassion calls for it.

6. Do you DJ as a hobby or a sideline? No... I am a full ltime professional DJ this is how I make a living so I have to be the best I can and give a great service in order to carry on doing  the job I love.

7. Can you introduce our first dance? Yes... I have had the pleasure to DJ at hundreds of weddings and as a full time professional DJ introducing the first dance is all part of the service.

8. What is your Dj style

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